Color Grading Lut

With our Online Color Grading services we can provide accurate color grading and color correction for you video editing.

We will Color Grade your footage from your instructions and, or, from a supplied image.

We will create the Color Grading LUT to best match, from your instructions.

We will provide two variations on this aesthetic as matching color depends on the quality of both your supplied frame and the sample and instructions provided.


1 x Standard Pro Lut

2 x Color Grading Lut

Custom Color Grading LUT

$50.00 $15.00

Custom Color Grading LUT

The "Add to cart" button is unavailable until after you upload your saved frame files.

Please Be Patient - Your captured frame may be quite large - often around 6 Mb. Please be aware that the upload and checkout stage of ordering LUTs may be delayed due to the upload process.

”Drag and drop your file/s below to upload and then add to cart.

1 - You must upload a saved frame from your video footage for every LUT ordered, PLUS, a suggested saved image as a jpeg. Frame saving instructions are at the bottom of this order page.

2 - Please rename your saved frame files with the same name used to create this order.

3 - The uploaded saved frame image/s must be in the .tiff, or .tif file format.

4 - The suggestion image for creating the Color Grading must be a .jpg, or .jpeg format

5 - Select the amount of LUTs required and upload the same amount of saved frames.

6 - Add notes and instructions in the checkout page

Final Cut Pro X Instructions

Check that your resolution is set to the same resolution that you intend to edit your video with.

In the timeline or the browser, position the playhead on the video frame you want to export as a still image.

2 – Choose File > Share > Save Current Frame.

Note – Important: The Save Current Frame destination doesn’t appear by default. To add it to your set of destinations and to the Share menu, choose File > Share > Add Destination, then double-click the Save Current Frame destination.

3- Click Settings and confirm the export settings as .tiff or .tif.

4- Click Next.

5 – Enter the name the same as your name on the LUT checkout order – this keep things tidy on our end.

6 – Then click save – You are ready to upload.

See FCPx documentation here.

Premier Pro Instructions

Check that your resolution is set to the same resolution your are editing your video in.

Load your video clip into your editing software timeline without a LUT loaded.

1 – Position the playhead at the desired frame in a clip or sequence.

Note: The Export Frame button does not appear by default. You can add it from the button editor. For information about adding buttons to the button bar, see this link

2 – Click the Export Frame button.

3 – Type the same name as on your checkout order to provide a new name for the frame.

4 – Select tiff or tif as format.

5 – Press enter to save – You are ready to upload.

See Premier documentation here

DaVinci Resolve Instructions

Check that your resolution is set to the same resolution your are editing your video in.

1 – From your timeline select the color tab – your wheels and scopes will appear as the interface.

2 – Position the playhead in the desire location

3 – Right click on the Video Preview pane

4 – Select – Grab Still – This adds the frame to the gallery.

5 – From the Gallery – Right click and select export

6 – Rename as the same name as on your checkout order. This keep things tidy on our end.

7 – Select Format as tiff

8 – Select export – You are ready to upload.

Choosing a Frame - Tips

Choosing the best still frame image for submission to us is important for your success of using our Custom LUT’s.

Choose a still frame that best covers the majority of brightness and contrast range of your footage.

For example: if you have footage traversing or panning from a dark area scene and then into a bright area scene, the most appropriate still frame to provide for a Custom LUT should be taken from a mid range point between the two.

If you are unsure about footage that varies dramatically our advice is to split your timeline clips and have a Custom Lut for each clip. Please advise us when ordering if you have split the clips.

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